During the 30-year search for the potential of「γ-linolenic acid」

Starting with one oil 

Our research on γ-linolenic acid began with one type of oil. 

For the improvement of QOL (Quality of Life)

by alleviating the intractable itchiness of dialysis patients.


About γ-linolenic acid

Skin Care
Hair Care


In this modern era overflowing with both things and information.

we have started our own product development by carefully considering what is truly necessary.
The role of our supplements is to "supplement only what cannot be obtained from meals". Nutrients that can be obtained from meals should be obtained from "meals". Based on the idea of "supplementing only what cannot be obtained from meals," our supplements are unique.

Skin Care

We focus on "skin barrier function."

The true essence of skin care is something that can be used by anyone from babies to the elderly. It's the function that our skin originally possesses, regardless of age or gender, to "retain the moisture inside the body" and to "prevent external stimulation." Skin care is about making use of the natural functions of our skin and supplementing what is lacking. We believe it's important to choose skin care products that are designed to maintain skin barrier function, rather than simply aiming for a beautiful appearance.

Hair Care

The essence of hair care is to "remove only dirt and not deprive the scalp and hair of the necessary moisture."

We started by considering what is necessary for hair and scalp, and chose "amino acids" as the cleansing ingredient that can perform the original hair care. "Keeping the scalp and hair healthy" can only be achieved with amino acid-based cleansing ingredients. We chose this ingredient with the belief that it is important to maintain a healthy scalp as a foundation for achieving hair that shines from within, rather than pursuing convenience or superficial beauty. We took the meaning of "washing hair" seriously, and the one we chose is the only one.

Business contentBusiness Overview

We believe that to create a healthy body, we must understand what is necessary.
How can we maintain beautiful skin and hair?
By understanding the mechanisms of the body, skin, and hair, we believe it is necessary to take care of our bodies.
Health care, skin care, and hair care products are things that we use on our bodies.
It is important to consider the body\'s mechanisms and choose only what is truly necessary from the right perspective.
Rather than being swayed by trends, hobbies, or preferences, our foundation lies in \"developing products from a single idea and building them up.\"
We consider the mechanisms of the body, skin, and hair and develop products with the aim of caring for the body.

Research and DevelopmentOur research on γ-linolenic acid began with a single oil.

We aim to improve the quality of life (QOL) for dialysis patients by reducing their intractable itch.