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Passionate about skincare


Are you confident that your daily skincare regime is absolutely correct?
Because it is something we do on a daily basis, it is important to learn correct skincare methods so as to protect our skin, wouldn’t you agree?


Do you know that our skin has a function for releasing a natural moisturizer? Including the face, the skin that covers our entire body continually protects our body “24-7” from external irritants such as heat, cold, and harmful UV rays.
The natural moisturizing components are known as “sebum”, “intercellular lipids”, and “NMF” (natural moisturizing factor).
Sebum acts as a moisturizing veil on the outermost layer of the skin, and intercellular lipids and NMF function as a moisturizer that fills gaps between the cells of the skin.
However, the production of these natural moisturizers gradually deteriorates due to various reasons including the aging of the skin. That is when skincare comes in to substitute for a decreased natural moisturizer.


A number of skin troubles (acne, rashes, swells, and itches) are as a result of “skin abnormality” (skin aggression).
“Making the skin look beautiful” is all very well but we think it is more important to practice a skincare routine focusing on “tuning the skin to its best condition” while repairing on skin’s abnormality (aggression) that causes skin trouble.
Our skin (cells) releases “inflammatory substances” in reaction to various external and internal irritants. From medical perspectives, wrinkling, sagging and thickening of the skin are all caused as a result of inflammatory substances being released as a result of skin abnormalities. Controlling skin abnormality (aggression) is very important in skincare.


Additionally, “correct cleansing” and “appropriate moisturizing” are equally important. Cleansing means to wash off the “dirt” that can lead to various skin troubles to keep skin clean. What you need to be aware of is to “cleans correctly”.
Correct cleansing is to “remove only the dirt without neither stressing the skin nor taking away the vital components for the skin”. Correct cleansing may seem fairly straightforward, but we often unintentionally put stress on our skin by taking off too much of the skin’s vital components through prioritizing convenience, trends, and preferences.


“Appropriate moisturizing” means to “optimize the barrier function of the skin.”
Barrier function is the natural protective function of our skin comprised of “intercellular lipids”, “NMF” (natural moisturizing factor), and “sebum” working in a harmonious balance.
Supplementing moisture (water) only causes imbalance of the above. Only when the perfect balance is achieved, the function of the vital role of the skin begins to work – “to retain moisture in our body” and “to block any external irritants” The best way to achieve the skin’s natural “moisturizing” power and to gain healthy skin, we think is to “optimize the barrier function.”


As we described above, the important factors when you consider skincare are “correct cleansing”, “correct moisturizing”, and “tackling cell abnormality”. The true skincare should take care of these three vital factors properly.