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Passionate about products

Not so much as today but still we were overwhelmed with various information and products at the time of the founding of our company. As we examined each piece of information and product, we came across a contradiction that “the information and products released in the market” are not always “what our body/skin/hair needs.”



At the time of establishing our company, a fatty acid produced through microbial fermentation called “γ-linolenic acid” was brought to our attention.
We began our research to determine whether thisγ-linolenic acid is something genuinely essential to our body and, if it is in fact essential, what effect it will have on our body and what potential it may have.



From dietetics’ perspectives, we discovered that γ-linolenic acid is fairy difficult to obtain through our diet and we can only obtain it from the seeds of limited plants which we do not normally eat and from breast milk. We also discovered that it has long been used in America and Europe as the medicine for atopic dermatitis and found many medical theses accounting for its effects of lowering the cholesterol level and influencing hormones. In other words, γ-linolenic acid is “not obtainable through diet” but a “vital component for our body.”



We have conducted multi-angle verification of this nutrient, γ-linolenic acid, which is essential to our body yet hard to obtain from food, with dialysis and diabetic patients. We have also released theses and patentedγ-linolenic acid research findings as we had conclusive evidences.
Following our study, we confirmed, apart from “ingesting” γ-linolenic acid, the potential benefits of direct “application” to skin, and we now offer healthcare, skincare and haircare products.



20 years since our foundation…
Instead of pursuing preferences and trends, we have been simply searching the answer to our question, “what our body really needs?” while considering the physical mechanism. Furthermore, we have been broadly transmitting information and products to the general public and communicating the potential ofγ-linolenic acid to various organizations in the fields of health, cosmetic, and sports.