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Are the supplements you are taking for your health and beauty really necessary?
Wouldn’t you think that taking the right amount of what your body requires is the way to gain health?


Our body is made up of some 60 trillion cells. Our body is an aggregate of cell-formed organs including brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, veins, muscles, skin and so on. Each component that makes up our body plays its vital role to sustain the health of our body. For the proper function of each of our physical components, nutrients and oxygen must reach every single cell. Therefore, “diet” is significantly important as a means of nutrient intake. Food becomes ingredients for producing our body’s vital hormonal substances and substances for neural transmission while maintaining our body in a sound condition.


There are several kinds of essential nutrients that our body requires. In particular, there are three major nutrients of significant importance to human beings (fat, protein, sugar) which along with vitamins and minerals are the five kinds of nutrients that are vital for our bodies. Of the three major nutrients, the ones we must particularly obtain from our diet are “essential fatty acids” and “essential amino acids”. The nutrients having the word “essential” in their name are the ones we cannot make in our body and each one of these essential nutrients becomes the ingredients for 60 trillion cells that construct organs, veins, muscles, and skin. Therefore, getting the necessary amount of necessary nutrients for our body becomes remarkably important.


Yet some vital nutrients (namely, essential fatty acids) for our body are quite difficult to obtain from food, and one of them is γ-linolenic acid. In order to maintain good health, the basic rule is that “the nutrients which can be obtained from food should be taken in through diet.” However, there are some which are difficult to get from food.

Wouldn’t you agree that focusing on the cells, the smallest unit that makes up our body and ensuring the delivery of what the cell requires to each cell is in fact the key to creating a healthy body?