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Although men and women alike carry out various hair care regimes in order to maintain lush hair, are they really satisfied with their chosen hair care? How about if we implement a fundamental view of our hair care?


When we think of hair care, we tend to focus on “hair” itself, but in fact, if we are to retain healthy rich hair, it is more important to care for the “scalp” – the foundation of hair growth.
The scalp is often regarded as completely different from skincare. However, as hair is densely grown from it and it has a lot of sebaceous (oil) glands, the scalp can accumulate dirt more easily. When we wash our hair and scalp to remove such dirt, the detergent we use often removes vital moisturizing components of the scalp. This may damage the scalp cells that grow thick hair, trigger abnormal conditions, and create various troubles in the hair and scalp. We think choosing the right detergent and controlling scalp abnormalities from occurring are essential to prevent these scalp troubles.


In keeping scalp abnormalities at bay, “cleansing” and “moisturizing” are crucial. When washing, we think it is important to “remove only the dirt without removing vital moisturizing components of the hair and scalp.” Naturally, many people are unaware they are removing vital moisturizing components of the hair and scalp when they wash their hair. In recent years, more people are complaining about their hair/scalp troubles than in the past… isn’t it because the scalp has become dehydrated like deserts because essential hydrating components are removed through the use of harsh detergents?


A key factor for retaining beautiful hair, together with the healthy condition of the scalp, is moisturizing the hair.
Hair has a lipid known as CMC (cell membrane complex), and it acts as a glue binding cuticles together.
This CMC also functions to sustain moisture inside the hair while preventing the run off of hair’s internal vital components so it holds the key to hair’s barrier function. If we wash away this CMC, the moisture inside of the hair is lost. Thus, shiny and radiant hair will not grow.
It is an important prerequisite not to take away the hair’s CMC, and it is equally important to supplement the CMC that has already gone. We believe that it is important to care for the hair in a correct manner so as to retain the moisture within the hair and repair any damages in order to have beautiful hair with shine and radiance.


The first step to grow beautiful and healthy hair is to make the scalp healthy, keep the healthy condition, and repair any damages.
While focusing on cleansing and moisturizing, rich hair can be achieved through using the detergent that is made with ingredients which are gentle on the scalp and hair yet cleanses well without removing vital moisturizing components of the scalp and hair, ensuring that you do not wash away CMC which keeps the hair beautiful, and supplementing the lost CMC.