“What is required to keep fit and healthy?”, “How can we maintain beautiful skin and hair?” – we, at Kowa Techno Search, believe it’s essential to care for our body through understanding the physical mechanisms and structures of skin and hair well.



We value the importance of developing our products through a chain reaction from single inspiration over being influenced by preferences and trends. Based on such a standpoint, we develop and offer our healthcare, skincare, and haircare products.



Today, we have been living in the time of more information and products than ever and, the same applies to healthcare. As a result, many people become confused over “what is right” and “what is truly necessary.”
The most vital part of building physical health is a “good diet” through which nutrients can be delivered to the body’s smallest components – cells. Based on this knowledge, we consider it is important for the maintenance of a healthy body to get nutrients, which can be obtained through food and get the remaining nutrients, which are difficult to obtain through food, from supplements.
“Supplement only the nutrients that cannot be taken in through diet” is our principle belief regarding healthcare.



With skincare and haircare, it is vital to learn the mechanisms of skin, scalp, and hair well and supplement exactly what is necessary. Our skin constantly protects us from external irritants including hot and cold temperatures and UV rays. However, wrong skincare (ways you cleanse and moisturize your skin) can reduce the level of the skin’s natural barrier function that works as the protection from external irritants. Therefore, it is important to cleanse without damaging the barrier function and sustain not only the skin’s moisture content but also to seal the skin with moisturizer to lock the moisture in the skin.
The scalp is, of course, part of the skin, and the same skincare theory can be applied.
However, too often we remove natural oil, which is essential to the health of the scalp, through washing hair, and we may reduce the barrier function of the scalp. The tendency of the Japanese to seek a refreshed feeling is partly to blame for the increase in skin, scalp, and/or hair troubles. It is necessary to know the mechanisms of the skin, scalp, and hair properly and care for them correctly.



As healthcare, skincare, and hair care products are to be used on the human body, we believe it is important to consider the physical mechanisms and select bare essentials with the correct “views”.
So, without being influenced by trends, interests, and preferences, we consider the mechanisms of the body, skin, and hair based on our belief that we should “develop products through a chain reaction triggered from a single inspiration”, and develop our products while taking into consideration total body care.