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Product introduction

These are the series of products containing microbially-fermented γ-linolenic acid which is one of essential fatty acids.
They are used at medical sites such as hospitals, pharmacies, judo osteopathy, acupuncture, and moxibustion.
◎ The cell-nourishing“γ-linolenic acid” supplement


110 capsule JPY10,584(with tax)

330 capsule

Itchnon is a supplement containing γ-linolenic acid which is made by microbial fermentation. The γ-linolenic acid is one of the essential fatty acids that is vital to our body. Among other essential fatty acids, γ-linolenic acid is the nutrient which cannot be supplemented through diet.
When we are in good health, this nutrient is produced within our body. However, the production can slow down as a result of stress and aging.
Itchnon is the supplement to take inγ-linolenic acid that cannot be obtained through diet.

Take 3-6 capsules a day.
* Take several times a day in between meals or after each meal.

Net content
480mg/capsule (covering included)
One capsule contains: 50mg of gamma linolenic acid, 6mg of

vitamin E

◎ Itchnon massage oil

Itchnon BCO


50mL  JPY 8,800 (with tax)

Bad blood circulation causes a number of unpleasant effects including stiff shoulders, cold hands and feet and numbness in the hands and feet. Itchnon BCO is the Itchnon massage oil which is made mainly with microbially-fermentedγ-linolenic acid which is known to have positive effects on blood circulation and inflammation. When applying this product to troubled parts, the ingredients work to improve the symptoms and support better condition.
The product contains warm-feeling ingredients, making the oil-applied parts feeling warm, and massaging helps you to feel the symptoms “improve” and the affected parts “lighten”.

Apply directly on affected parts including knees, back, and shoulder.

1.Rub hands together to warm the palms.
2.Onto your warmed palm, pour the oil (Itchnon BCO) slightly more than you may need.
3.As shown on the picture, gently massage the affected part with a circular motion for about one minute.
4.ake a bath after leaving the oil for about five minutes, then wash off the oil with soap. (The oil continues to work after washing off.)

※As the oil has a warming effect, please avoid the application to cuts and wounds.
※If you mind the smell of the oil, it can be washed off after leaving it on for 5-10 minutes.
※Excess application and spillage may leave stains on clothing.

◎ “Moisturizing cream” especially for restoring the skin
Itchnon AD Cream


50g  JPY 4,180(with tax)

200g(For business use)

Key word is the “barrier function”
The skin is made up of several layers just like a wall built with blocks. Gaps of each cell and layer are filled with “intercellular lipids”. If the gaps are left unfilled, the skin’s barrier function is reduced and that causes skin trouble.
Itchnon AD cream is made with similar ingredients to these intercellular lipids.
The cream is absorbed into the skin well, bringing your skin closer to a healthy state – not oily but well moisturized.

1.Apply the cream without rubbing it into the skin. Take slightly more than you may need of the cream on the tips of your fingers.
2.If the skin is very dry, then apply a thicker cream such as Vaseline too.
3.Itchnon AD can be used as a moisturizer for babies' skin, a treatment for acne, spots, and dry skin for adolescents, a make-up base, and an aftershave. The cream can be used by all members of your family.